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Car Insurance for Young Drivers

Car insurance for young drivers can be found for new drivers and teens in their 20s, with many companies offering attractive rates online.

Most young adults when they get to a certain age will want to learn to drive and once this has been successfully achieved will consider purchasing a car. However, before doing this, there are a number of costs to be considered and these need to be budgeted for to ensure that the money is available to be able to afford a vehicle. While purchasing the vehicle is generally the biggest outlay, insurance is something that also needs to be considered. Car insurance for young drivers can be expensive and before purchasing a vehicle the ongoing cost of this will need to be taken into consideration.

Typically young drivers as a group will have to pay some of the highest premiums for car insurance and there are a number of reasons for this. Younger people tend to be seen as a riskier investment for an insurance company as they are more likely to drive faster and be involved in an accident. This can be especially true of younger male drivers which may have the boy racer attitude when they get their first vehicle. Younger drivers also obviously have less experience on the road and therefore less of a driver record that an insurance company can consider and this tends to be marked against them. However car insurance for young drivers is not necessarily beyond their reach and there are many companies that will provide reasonable quotes.

As with any insurance, the simplest way to find affordable car insurance for young drivers is to shop around a number of companies to find the best deal. In many cases for the youngest drivers, adding them on to the insurance policy of a parent or guardian can be the simplest way to get an affordable deal. Erie Insurance, for example, offers the Youthful Driver Discount which is available to drivers under the age of 21. Erie state that this can save young drivers up to 20% on their insurance costs. However there are a few requirements for eligibility including that the young driver must have a drivers license and not a learner permit, must be unmarried, must be 21 years or younger and must undertake a review of safe driving habits with an Eire representative.

If you are a young driver looking for car insurance, one of the better online comparison sites to consider is As well as being able to search for car insurance aimed at young drivers they also have a range of good advice and articles specifically targeted at helping young adults finding the best and most affordable insurance. This includes articles such as the best cars for younger drivers to choose for affordable insurance, average annual insurance costs for teenagers and student car insurance. The site can therefore be a valuable resource for young drivers.

Purchasing insurance for a vehicle is a requirement for all drivers and typically the younger you are the higher the premiums will be. However there are decent deals on car insurance for young drivers available and with a little time and effort a young adult should be able to find an auto insurance policy that suits their needs and the budget they have available.

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