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Cheap Oil Change

A cheap oil change can be found through discount auto services, with low prices, specials, coupons and other deals to make it more affordable.

One of the regular maintenance tasks for cars, trucks and other vehicles is an oil change and this can help to keep your engine well oiled and running well. Over time the oil in a vehicle can become dirty and break down and this makes it much less effective at doing its job and this in turn will affect the performance of the vehicle. It therefore pays to change the oil regularly and how often it is done will depend on the vehicle. However it can be as often as every three months and at an average price of around $30 for an oil change the cost can mount up. Finding ways to get a cheap oil change can therefore be a way to save money and there are various options for this.

The simplest way to cut the cost of an oil change is to check your owner’s manual for the recommended time or distance between oil changes. While 3 months or 3,000 miles are generally quoted as an average, most manufacturers will have their own recommendations and these will generally be included in the owner’s manual. It is worth checking this, as if 6 moths and 6,000 miles is the recommended range you can cut the cost of oil changes in half by following this rather than the average.

If you are interested in vehicles and engines then the simplest way to get a cheap oil change is to do the job yourself. This cuts out the labor part of the cost and means that the major cost of the job will be the price of the new oil and filter. It is not an overly difficult job to drain the oil, replace the filter and refill with oil. Car maintenance classes are available at many local colleges and learning establishments and this can be a simple way to find out about oil changes as well as other simple vehicle maintenance. While there may be a cost involved in attending such a class this will be paid back in time with the money you save on oil changes.

If you have friends or family who work in the auto industry, this can be another way to get a cheap oil change, rather than changing the oil yourself. Most friends are family are happy to help out and for the cost of the parts plus a little for the willing helper you can generally get a job that is every bit as good as a local garage and cheaper into the bargain.

Shopping around can be another way of getting a cheap oil change. Most neighborhoods and areas will have a few different garages and lube shops. Keeping your eyes open in the run up to an oil change can find you a garage which is running a promotion and will get you a cheaper cost. Many garages also run specials where if you buy a number of oil changes in advance their will be a reduction in price per oil change. This can give peace of mind and ensure you know the cost of oil changes for some time ahead. Many areas also have auto mechanic schools and contacting one of these can get you an oil change at a lower price. Students being trained will do the job, although typically supervised by teachers. If you have an auto school in your area it is worth enquiring if they do this.

Oil changes are a necessity of life for vehicle owners and carrying these out on a regular basis can be a costly experience. However there are a number of ways to get a cheap oil change and using some common sense and shopping around can easily reduce the cost of these and save you money.

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