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Golf Cart Lift Kits

Golf cart lift kits give your club car an adjustable height, with supplies to convert your cart into one that performs other functions like ATV.

While golf cart vehicles are commonly used on a golf course to help players more easily get around as opposed to walking, they can be used for other purposes. Many people find these battery or gasoline powered vehicles useful in a range of settings and this can include farms and housing communities where they are a simple way of getting around. While standard golf carts are useful, many people like to customize them to suit their needs and golf cart lift kits are a common way of doing this.

Golf cart lift kits are basically equipment that can be used to lift the body of a golf cart up. This allows you to install better suspension and larger tires and there can be a few advantages to doing this. A golf cart fitted with a lift kit is able to traverse ground that a standard golf cart could not. This makes it more of an off-road vehicle which can be used to get around rougher terrain, as the lift gives the bottom of the cart more clearance. This can make it more suitable for working on and getting around a farm, for example. It can also easily be used as an alternative to an all terrain vehicle (ATV) for off road leisure purposes.

There are a few different golf cart lift carts on the market and when purchasing one it is important to ensure that it is compatible with the golf cart that you own. They tend to come in different styles and lift heights and a little research will be required to find the best lift kit that suits your needs. Some of the common lift kits on the market include long travel adjustable lifts and with these you can adjust the height of the cart as required to suit your needs. Other lifts tend to be permanent and include spindle lifts, which replace the factory installed spindles and these are typically the least expensive. Drop axle lifts can be used to replace the entire axle of a golf cart and these can be a little stronger.

There are a few companies that produce golf cart lift kits and Jakes Lift Kits is one of these. They produce lift kits for many of the golf carts on the market and this includes E-Z-GO, Yamaha, Star and Fairplay carts. They have the various different types of lift kits on offer and the price for these varies from around $300 for spindle kits to $900 for long travel adjustable lifts.

Other companies that manufacture and retail golf cart lift kits include Buggies Unlimited, Carts Zone and Golf Cart Trader. These all have a range of lift kits available for most of the major golf carts.

If you own a golf cart and are looking to make this a little more versatile, then golf cart lift kits can be a good option to consider. They will ensure that your vehicle will be able to traverse a wider range of terrain and this can make it more useful. Customizing your golf cart with a lift kit can therefore be a good option to consider.

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